case study: Vision Personal Training

VisionPersonalTrainingVision PT is a franchised network of fitness and personal training studios across Sydney NSW and Brisbane QLD.


Health, Wellbeing and Fitness


  • Long studio operational hours often mean the franchisees are working from 6.00am in the morning until 8.00pm in the evening.
  • The nature of the business often means the studio owners don’t have time for their book work or to maintain their accounting system.
  • Being a Personal & Fitness Trainer is their core competency and business. Trying to keep up to date with book work is not a core activity to the business.
  • Trying to synchronise up to date accounting data files almost impossible.

Results with Saasu:

  • Company has improved financial reporting and turnaround time on data analysis.
  • Payroll is processed quickly, efficiently and accurately.
  • Saasu has taken the pain away from preparing consolidated business trading activity results.

Software Abondoned:

MYOB, Quickbooks and Excel Spreadsheets

Saasu Migration Project Lead:


“Saasu & MYCFO were a perfect fit for Vision”

Case Challenge

Since opening their doors for business in Pyrmont, Vision PT Franchisee Mario has been run off his feet. The high density in residential accommodation and influx of corporate business into the area, meant young urban professionals were keen to keep fit.

The challenge for Mario was keeping his finances fit. Trying to maintain the accounts and financial system within a time poor environment was near impossible.

“Moving onto Saasu was the best thing we ever did. Our financial transactions are exported from our banking system directly into Saasu.”

The client support team at MYCFO intuitively know where our transactions are to be allocated within the accounting system. We have reduced our bookkeeping from 20 hours per month down to 10 and saved real dollars that can be reinvested in the business.

“Management of Payroll has never been so smooth”. Our staff are paid on time every week with zero errors. They receive a professionally designed payslip that is compliant with current legislation.

We no longer have to update tax tables when the Federal Government announcements changes to tax rates”. At the push of a button, SAASU is able to update tax rates for over 11,000 clients in real time.

Software upgrades and backups are a thing of the past. Our data is replicated in real time within the data centre and then backed up in intervals of 15 minutes up to one hour.

Our business has never run so smooth.”

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