case study: Thyme Clothing

Case History:

thyme clothingAlyce and Gabrielle Doumani are 4th generation retailers. Their grandparents George and Gemelle migrated to Australia from Douma, a small village in the North of Lebanon in the 1930’s.

When they set foot on Australian soil, their grandparents did not speak a word of English. Like most migrants to Australia in the 1930’s, there were leaving a post war torn Europe in search of new opportunity’s to create a new life for themselves and their future generation of children and grandchildren.

And create new opportunities they did.

George and Gemelle started their clothing and retailing business in Coonamble, outback Northern NSW.

From there they established new roots in Cobar, a thriving gold and copper mining town eleven hours west of Sydney and five hours east of Broken Hill.

They lived and breathed the sun burnt country every day of their new lives.

Their businesses grew and prospered as they made life-long friends with the people of outback NSW and Cobar.

Their two sons Roger and Michael went on to expand the businesses which resulted in the towns only general department store. They also opened a Retravision which went on to rebrand as Harvey Norman Cobar in later years.

Together Roger and Michael expanded the operations and the combined businesses were under the families’ stewardship for over fifty years.

Michael served as the local town Mayor and Chairman of Retravision NSW. Roger was instrumental in local community events and was affectionately known as the town’s patriarch.

Cobar was a better town with the families close involvement in community events.

In 2012 Rogers daughters, Alyce & Gabrielle had an opportunity to continue on the families long line of retailing tradition.

They opened a ladies fashion boutique in the heart of the Eastern Suburbs in Sydney.

The brand association for them was a vital part of the process. Being 4th generation retailers, they felt the brand association had to be connected to their forefathers and acknowledgement of the opportunity they have been given by the previous generations.

THYME was born – a vital herb ingredient in the main staple of Zata (a traditional Lebanese herb used in cooking).

The use of the THYME brand connects with their roots, creates a simple, fresh and stylish brand as demonstrated in their logo.

Results with MYCFO

MYCFO were selected for their deep industry expertise and experience at implementing cloud solutions.

The project brief was to source a retail solution that would enable the clients to access their systems from remote locations.

The clients lead very busy lives with their school aged children as well as running the business. They needed infrastructure and management systems that enabled them to manage the business remotely.

MYCFO assessed a number of software packages and implemented cloud solutions including Retail Express and Saasu.

The cloud solutions selected provides the clients with deep content management around product best sellers, margins on individual products, seasonal best sellers and ongoing gross margin management and visibility.

This is what Thyme has to say:

“The team at MYCFO were fantastic. They commenced the project by exposing us to which was a cloud based project management tool. They kept us fully informed about project timelines, deadlines and task responsibility. Implementing the solution from scratch was actually quite a big project. As the business was a start up, we did not have any processes or procedures in place, so we gave MYCFO a blank canvas to work with. That is where they excelled.

Their expertise and rich industry experience was a guiding hand in uncharted waters. We initially felt the systems selected may have been a bit of overkill for our business, but we now truly appreciate the efforts MYCFO have shown us. The cloud software solutions selected for us have been an inspiring light into our business operations.

We now focus on sourcing fabrics, buying clothes and running our business – we just know the systems and numbers take care of themselves, so we can focus on delivering sales.

Powering up to MYCFO was the best decision we could have made”

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