case study: Street Furniture Australia

street furnitureStreet Furniture Australia is a brand associated with history, longevity and cutting edge design.

The business was established in 1986 and is the first company in Australia to design, manufacturer and supply urban environment furniture that is today recognized all around the country.

Darryl Conybeare and William Morrison identified the opportunity in 1974 as Australia lacked a quality furniture design and manufacture specialist team.

The business was not progressing forward due to a number of legacy based systems that were not meeting the needs of a progressive fast moving operator.

The decision was made to move to the cloud.


  • Lack of systems integration across multiple business divisions
  • MYOB was not coping under the stress of high transaction volumes
  • Ostendo manufacturing software was feeding “strange data” into MYOB

Results with MYCFO:

  • Rapid deployment of Saasu into Street Furniture
  • Full integration between Saasu and (part of
  • Deeper visibility across production runs and bill of material job orders
  • Zero down time during implementation project

Software Abandoned:

MYOB and Ostendo

Saasu Migration Project Lead:


“MYCFO are what I class as true professional implementation consultants. Our implementation project ran very smoothly without any issues whatsoever. This is almost unheard of in IT software projects. Which I must say surprised me somewhat. I think the reason MYCFO deliver such a swift and rapid deployment, is due to the pre scoping work they undertake. Martyn has been a CFO running very complex operations across Asia Pacific, which puts his clients and team in very capable and solid hands. In his own words they ‘research, research, research’. Digging deep into a business to understand its operations is an absolute must when designing projects of this nature.”

James Coffey – IT Project Lead – Street Furniture Australia

Street Furniture Australia was faced with a number of challenges across multiple fronts. The production floor staff had minimal visibility across the sales pipeline which in turn drives demand for product manufacturing.

The company had grown year on year over a ten year period without any real investment in the back end systems. As the business operations became more complex, the operating systems were not able to keep up with progress.

Cracks started to appear between the manufacturing and accounting systems. There were accounting entries being generated by the manufacturing system that could not be explained or easily understood.

The Executive Management Team at Street Furniture knew it was time to look further afield.

The solution offered by and Saasu, complemented with the MYCFO project management methodologies was second to none.

The solution presented was a fairly foreign concept for Street Furniture – moving from installed software to a cloud base was a major step forward for the organization. Trust and credibility had to be developed at the highest levels. A lot was riding on the success of the project.

Today Street Furniture enjoys an operating environment that provides the Directors and senior management with appropriate decision making tools. They have true visibility across their organisation – thanks to cloud software.

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