case study: Mr Espresso artisan coffee

mr espressoWhen Harry met Veni, they formed Mr Espresso. Harry Ambanavos and Veni Chorafitis are the principles behind Mr Espresso. The business was founded in 1996 and is dedicated to the pursuit of the ultimate espresso coffee.

Mr Espresso operates six coffee stores across Sydney. Their brand is synonymous with excellence and old world values.

Mr Espresso are not mass market purveyors of coffee.

Their roasting technique is unique and delivers their customers a true artisan experience. The coffee is handmade and slow roasted under natural wood fire.


  • As the group expanded, Mr Espresso needed tighter control over gross margin visibility and cost control
  • MYOB was starting to crash and was not performing under stress (neither were the accounting staff)
  • Multiple site locations meant more complexity and challenges in managing staff

Results with MYCFO:

  • MYCFO were selected because of their industry experience in FMCG food
  • Rapid deployment and project scoping resulted in matching our needs to software selection
  • Integration of Point of Sale Software into Saasu via the API
  • Minimal down time during implementation project

Software Abandoned:


SAASU Migration Project Lead:


“We needed a software solution that we could use in the back-office, wholesale preparation kitchen and remote store locations. Our wholesale kitchen sells pre-packaged food to a number of national franchise groups including Gloria Jeans. The kitchen prepares the food fresh daily and dispatches before trade begins. Giving our wholesale kitchen access into Saasu results in invoices being dispatched with food deliveries, resulting in faster payment from our customers.

Moving to the cloud was the right decision. In fact whilst MYCFO were in our office installing Saasu, the shop next door had a serious fire resulting in the evacuation of surrounding businesses. We were running around trying to find a disc to do a backup of MYOB – before evacuating the building. One more reason to get onto the cloud. There is no disruption to business if your premises catch fire using SAASU online accounting!!.”

Harry Ambanavous & Veni Chorafitis – Founders of Mr Espresso and purveyors of fine coffee

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