management consulting

amangement consuting

Management Consulting has wide definitions and connotations. In fact nearly everyone defines themselves as a management consultant these days.

Differentiation is the defining difference.

At MYCFO we take a very focused and targeted approach to our consulting. We take a whole of business approach which is then filtered down into pressing elements requiring immediate attention.

This approach ensures we are able to cover all relevant elements of an organisation and approach each engagement with a whole of organisation approach.

Our consultative approach ensures we touch every aspect of your organisation. From factory floor to ‘C’ level executives, every voice is heard and considered as part of our inclusive project management methodologies.

Relevant case studies

Wavelength Medical Recruitment

wavelength medical recuitmentWavelength is a prestigious specialist medical recruitment firm placing Doctor’s and allied health professionals around the country with some 70 internal staff representing well over 1,000 Doctor’s nationally.
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