cloud technology implementation

cloud technology implementation

At MYCFO, we believe in adopting technology for the right reasons.

How often have you heard someone say “we are moving the cloud” or “we have to get onto the cloud”

Just what does this mean?

At MYCFO we have demystified the cloud and provide our clients with simple (complex when required) solutions to take them into the cloud.

We specialise in reviewing, sourcing, selecting and implementing the most discerning cloud solutions for our clients.

Cloud technology enables businesses to work without limitations or boundaries. Staff are no longer tied to a desk and now have the ability to work uninhibited across mobile platforms and hardware.

Cloud solutions have delivered true mobile workforce solutions to employers and employees alike.

Mobile workforce optimization is about making your staff more efficient in the field. Tasks can now be completed without having to be in the office.

With cloud solutions, we can deliver more productivity to you, resulting in satisfied staff, more revenue, cost savings and greater profit.

Engage with us today to learn more about our cloud solutions.

relevant case studies

Arthrocare Singapore

ArthrocareArthrocare is a specialist orthopedic surgical implant manufacturing company based in the United States with global operations in most major economies around the world.

MYCFO implemented SAASU for Arthrocare Singapore, to provide the international head office accounting team with true cloud based visibility into the business operations.
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Street Furniture Australia

street furnitureStreet Furniture Australia is a brand associated with history, longevity and cutting edge design. The business was established in 1986 and is the first company in Australia to design, manufacturer and supply urban environment furniture that is today recognised all around the country.

The business was not progressing forward with a number of legacy based systems that were unable to meet the needs of a progressive fast moving operation.

The combination of Saasu and have provided Street Furniture Australia with a world class cloud platform.
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