case study: Australian Direct

Australian Direct is a business that typifies the new age economy. The business is a reseller of EvaKool Travel fridges and associated camping gear.



Leisure and Travel


  • To automate sales transactions via the web shopping portal cart and link directly into the accounting system
  • To streamline order processes and remove the need for manual data input into multiple systems
  • To build a truly scalable model that could be rapidly deployed without the need to add many additional headcount and administration staff
  • The owners of the business were looking for a cost effective solution that provided real time results whilst automating order processing activities
  • To build a model that would allow the business owner the freedom to work, travel and grow the business without exponentially increasing contact work hours

Results with Saasu:

  • Australian Direct now has a fully integrated cloud solution across multiple specialist platforms
  • The integration of Saasu, and NETO mean that data entry is only captured at one entry point
  • Automated connectivity between multiple platforms

Software Abandoned:

Excel spreadsheets and Whiteboards

Saasu Migration Project Lead:

MYCFO & Saasu Development Team

“After years of struggling with spreadsheets, order forms and paperwork I am finally free to run my business how it was always intended—from any point anywhere in the world. In fact the business can be run by satellite phone when no other form of communications are available”

Case Challenge

Klaeton Sheehan—high spirited entrepreneur and online business visionary knew he was onto something. His business was growing four fold year on year, yet the challenge to maintain paperwork was becoming unmanageable.

He sought out a solution that would genuinely allow him to pursue his passions – customers, music, camping and civil aircraft aviation.

“My professional and personal life has been transformed. Today all my mission critical business information systems are fully integrated and talk to each other. A customer places an order, their details are captured for future CRM activities, their payment is processed, the accounting system is updated and all I need to do is service the customer with product knowledge and product shipment”

Online retailing is the new economy. Street smart entrepreneurs can have customers all over the world. The e-commerce platform of trade is a genuine global village. We live in a large world, yet the footprint of e-commerce and trade is like selling to the next village in a most sophisticated yet simplistic way.

“Through very personal and difficult circumstances, we had to relocate our family to Germany in 2010 for medical treatment of our young son. Because I had planned and structured the business to be a fully integrated platform, with all systems talking to each other, I could relocate my family to Germany and the business continued without a minutes interruption to my customers. The business continues to operate today as though I were based in Australia. We will return to Oz in early 2011. Thank you Saasu for helping me”

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